Bubble bath


For selfdeclaredqueen
Seb relaxed into the warm water it stung his fresh wounds as he sank into the bubbly confusion. Sebastian hummed in bliss as he stretched his legs out after a long days work.
“O so we are having a bath now?” Jim lifted his eyebrow as he saw the sniper surrounded in bubbles.
“Christ Jim you could give me some warning!” Seb gathered the bubbles around his nakedness and Jim smiled.
“I never said you were finished working.” Jim started to unbutton his suit and shirt.
“Come on Boss.” Seb pleaded as he began to stand up and reach for a towel. Jim smacked his hand and pushed him back into the bath, the water sloshed over the side as Jim climbed into the bath, lying on top of Seb. Sebastian smirked “I was having a good time.” Jim punched his chest. “Shut up otherwise…” Seb silenced the Irish man with a small kiss. Jim smiled and kissed back.
“I think you’ve earned a break.”

mormor fluff AWWWWWWWW like this is so adorable bathing time with the fuckers i'll burn that queue when i get to it


teen!Sebastian sneaking out at night to smoke on a rooftop while teen!Jim leans back in his lap and points out the constellations

teen!Jim spending hours devouring the latest astronomy and cosmology journals and breathlessly trying to explain the enormity of the universe to teen!Sebastian

teen!Sebastian helping teen!Jim break into an observatory for Jim’s 18th birthday

mormor oh my gosh yes please teen!mormor obsessed with astronomy i cannot people please write more about it unf i'll burn that queue when i get to it